"Take to the Skies" is the best deck for a new defensive player. It combines defensive creatures with flying creatures topped off with a touch of lifelink, all the while spelling down reach and flying creatures your opponents cast, so the skies are yours.

-Live to see another day with "Haze of Pollen" preventing any combat damage for a turn -Change your strategy easily with "Primal Command"'s 4 choices to change to your favor -and Take to the Skies with "Victory's Herald" sending your forces soaring back with life

Author's Note: This deck, whilst being reliable when first starting out Magic: The Gathering, due to it's ability to prevent damage, give you life, and take to the skies, it has a low win rate against more competitive opponents. This is due to most of the creatures having low power & toughness, most averaging around 3-4. This allows the deck to be easily defeated by opponents with strong creatures that can get boosted (such as "Sphinx of Magosi") or early hordes/tribes (such as agro merfolk/goblin decks).


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