Budget is around $200

V.2 of a deck I've made recently, but I can't seem to make my mind up and pick the final 99. I can't decide whether to go the zombie route of Varina, Top Deck Matters with Yennett and Aminatou's +1, or Blink with Brago (sick card), soulherder, and Aminatou's -1

I don't need help with the mana base I just didn't feel like doing it. The final mana base will have between 36-40 lands.

All budget upgrade/degrade suggestions for cards would be appreciated

I want my deck to have a nice flow to it, not have the power level growth of a staircase (although this isn't always a bad thing). I'd like to be able to react well to things happening on the board, maybe not everything, but most. I'm not sure why but this deck just feels a little off.

I am relatively new to MtG so don't be afraid to suggest any playtips as well

note* the side board has other good budget options, while the maybe board contains higher budget options


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Wishclaw Talisman is very good with this


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