This deck is the first deck I ever made, and by now it’s as close to a final version as it’s going to get. It is a red and green deck featuring mostly Dragon creatures. Dragonlord's Servant is an important early game card in the deck as it reduces the cost of the otherwise expensive Dragons creatures. To further help with casting your creatures the deck gains mana-ramp via Draconic Disciple and Dragon's Hoard. Key combos are Archwing Dragon + Dragon Tempest and Archwing Dragon + Scourge of Valkas as they allow for direct damage to most anything and it can be triggered multiple time due to Arcwing Dragon returning to your hand at your end step. Likewise, the floating mana from attacking with Savage Ventmaw can be used to trigger those same abilities by playing more Dragon creatures in the second main phase. The addition of Lathliss, Dragon Queen allows for similar combos, for example Archwing Dragon + Lathliss, Dragon Queen adds more Dragon creature tokens which then again triggers Dragon Tempest or Scurge of Valkas.


As for the sideboard, after some suggestions from other users I've mostly gone for utility cards. Sarkhan's Triumph lets you search for cards. Sheltering Word is good if you meet decks that try to target your creatures with spells. Broken Bond destroys artefacts or enchantments and Savage Twister is meant to deal with go-wide strategies which give this deck some problems. Lastly, Atarka, World Render is simply there to switch things up. She gives you hard-hitting Dragon creatures instead of Dragon creature tokens.

Like I said earlier, the deck I pretty much in its final version but any feedback is still appreciated.


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