Never with the screws of mana tighten on this deck. The theme is ONE COST CASTING CARDS (or less), even the general is one cost. Abilities can cost more, just getting it out on the field has to cost one. So feel free to suggest cards that would help, I'm looking to improve. (look in the maybe board first to see if its already been suggested)


Updates Add

Please if youre going to suggest cards make sure they fit some guidlines.

1) They are not already in the maybe panel (these are already cards that i want to put in or have plans to put in if I have room)

2) Make sure they are ONE MANA (or zero) cost cards, not one and x or two or convoke for one. This is a theme deck, not for winning, for fun EDH = FUN

Thank you for the upvotes and comments though, every bit helps