Tinkering - I will write a better breakdown once I feel more confident in the list. Totally open to feedback.

Considering splashing white for Voice of Resurgence, Rest in Peace, and Path to Exile.

This deck is a bit of a toolbox, similar to Midrange but better able to net a large amount of card advantage and mana ramp to overwhelm your opponent.


Depending on the matchup you can approach the first few turns in a variety of ways:

-You can disrupt your opponent's tempo with Spell Pierce and Izzet Charm .

-You can attack their board and their life with Lightning Bolt , Atarka's Command , or Ghost Quarter

-You can go full aggro with creatures

After you get to turn 3 and cast a Risen Reef your opponent will need to deal with it or it can end the game. Every turn it will be netting you card advantage and thinning your deck for stronger draws. This allows you to draw cards as fast as you can play them and ramp your mana to outpace your opponent.

Once you start drawing cards with Risen Reef you can win any number of ways:

-You can slowly beat your opponent down with Raging Ravine

-You can poke at your opponent's life with Lightning Stormkin

-You can ult Chandra, Torch of Defiance to kill your opponent with her emblem

- Nissa, Steward of Elements can reanimate you lands to beat down your opponent

-You can use your large pool of mana to make a really big beater with Altered Ego (which is fetchable with Flamekin Harbinger)

-You can bolt and burn your opponent to death with Lightning Bolt , Atarka's Command , and Chandra, Novice Pyromancer

-You can use Omnath, Locus of the Roil to pump all your Elememtals up to overrun your opponent


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