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Rakdos is our lord and savior his power will set us free pain is love blood is life I have always loved the card Rakdos, Lord of Riots right after I saw him in my friends collection of cards I wanted at the time to build a deck around him at the moment he was still standard legal but I normally played aggro but his affect just isn't at its full strength in aggro so I attempted a mid range deck and it didn't work out well but was fun I finally found a home for my favorite little demon in commander.
I always liked playing red and black in MTG for close to 10 years now and I always liked demons aswell so I was hoping to make a commander deck that was at least decent that uses rakdos as well as demons. I understand that he is at his best working with artifact and eldrazi creatures because they can have their costs reduced further. I havn't gotten to play test this yet because I don't have any friends to play commander with.


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removed City of Brass for Sulfurous Springs the spring can give me a red or a black at the cost of 1 health like the city can but it also can give me 1 colorless for no health also I don't lose health if an opponent taps my lands. as far as I can tell this is all positives and no negatives with this trade.


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