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When Life Gives You Lemons | Budget K'rrik Brew

Commander / EDH Budget Midrange Mono-Black Multiplayer Primer



My playgroup wanted to try out a $50 budget commander to balance game out so I've decided to use K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth which has always been a commander that I wanna build. The deckbuilding general rule of thumb is that we can use TCGPlayer low as a baseline and the budget excludes the commander's cost (which cannot exceed $10). Therefore higher total cost of the deck shown on tappedout is actually a lot lower when calculated on TCGPlayer which comes out to a total of $45.49 as of 5/16/2020. The deck is basically build around capitalizing K'rrik's ability to let me cast big black spells at a significantly lower cost at the expanse of my life total.


Because of the steep $50 budget. I have to make several concessions to deckbuilding and omit powerful cards that would have made the deck faster, leaner, and more effective in executing its gameplan. One of the biggest concessions are my land base which I have to omit the powerful Cabal Coffers + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth combo. Another card is Sensei's Divining Top which would be amazing in being able to assemble my Bolas's Citadel combo easier. Necropotence is also another powerful card that has to be omitted from the deck due to budgetary restrictions. Another huge lost are the efficient tutors Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor. There are a couple more cards that have to be cut but are all options to be added later if I decide to convert it to a deck without the restrictions.

Piloting the Deck

This build plays like a traditional goodstuff monoblack control deck. Unlike commonly build list that depends on landing an early K'rrik and start storming off, I don't aim to power him out as soon as possible but instead want to focus on accruing value over the course of the game and find an opportune time to drop him down. This is because games play out very differently in a budget meta where mono-green is the strongest color and they usually get out a huge army of mana dorks and card draw early and start running away with the game if left uncontested. That's why running a more traditional control build is the direction I chose to take because K'rrik can be used as a mana battery to essentially power out an early board wipe to keep things under control.

There's a ton of synergies with K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth since he allows you to cheat on anything with a cost. The following are notable synergies in the deck with K'rrik in play:

  • Blood Celebrant = Basically filters every into and lets me cast everything with just my life.

  • Thrull Parasite = The extort mechanic cost is essentially . What this means is that for every spell cast, you net 1 life when facing 3 opponents. If there are multiple extorts available, I can essentially gain a life for each one in play.

  • Vilis, Broker of Blood (MVP) = This is the most OP card in the deck. The world is your oyster if he resolves as you can start killing creatures and drawing a ton of cards.

  • Font of Agonies = This card is made for K'rrik. If this sticks your opponents will never have any creatures in play for the rest of the game.

  • Pestilence Demon = Boardwipe on a stick and can be activated for basically free with K'rrik.

  • Shrouded Lore = This card has straight 100% synergy with K'rrik. I'm amazed how very little list runs this card. You can basically get any card back from your yard just by using your life total.

  • Forced March: K'rrik is essentially 7 cmc which can make this a one-sided boardwipe. Since I am able to just pay with 6 life, I can spend minimal mana to do a controlled boardwipe.

  • Reiver Demon: Another one sided boardwipe that can be easily cast for with K'rrik out.

Plan A

The deck win conditions all revolves around K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth either via infinite combo or commander damage. The following are combo lines involving Aetherflux Reservoir:

Plan B

The following are combo lines involving Gray Merchant of Asphodel:

Plan C

The following are quick ways to accrue commander damage:

  • Lashwrithe = Significant boost K'rrik's power.

  • Bolas's Citadel = Gives me the ability to chain multiple spells in a row to pump K'rrik up.

Plan D

Last but not least, we do have some beefy evasive creatures that can do significant damage:

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