Mono Green Stompy

This deck is based around the most aggressive and cost-efficient green creatures for modern and tries to simply out power its opponents.

The Curve - Creatures

-1- In the one drop slot there are really only fivr considerations, and those are Dryad Militant , Experiment One , Kessig Prowler  , and Pelt Collector . Of these five, Experiment One and Pelt Collector have by far the greatest potential in stats, as they grows over the course of the game and have a both additional upside and synergy with Avatar of the Resolute . Dryad Militant and Kessig Prowler   are both similar, because they are both Savannah Lions at heart, but have small upsides that can be very helpful in some matches. Dryad Militant can be a mainboard way to hate on decks like Storm, Mardu Pyromancer, and any decks that play Snapcaster Mage . Kessig Prowler   on the other hand, has an ability that holds no relevancy until later in the game, where it can turn itself into a much scarier beater. This helps it maintain power when it is drawn later in the game and a 2/1 wouldn't cut it.

-2- In the two drop slot there are a couple cards that stand alone. These cards are Strangleroot Geist and Avatar of the Resolute , as well as the recent addition of Barkhide Troll . Strangleroot Geist is a hasty two power creature that comes back as a three power creature if killed, making it an incredibly annoying card to face for many decks. Avatar of the Resolute brings a minimum power of 3 to the board and if you happen to have an Experiment One , Pelt Collector , Strangleroot Geist , or Barkhide Troll it can enter as an even bigger creature. It also has two relevant abilities in trample and reach. Barkhide Troll has good synergy with the deck and is overall a better version of Kalonian Tusker . Other possibilities for a deck such as this include Scavenging Ooze , which starts out as a 2/2 for two and can quickly grow to be much larger, and Garruk's Companion , which is similar to Kalonian Tusker , but trades a point of toughness for trample.

-3- The three drop slot contains the most powerful cards in the deck, with Steel Leaf Champion and Dungrove Elder . Steel Leaf Champion is just a huge beater at a cheap cost with a nice form of evasion. Dungrove Elder is hard to kill and gets bigger as the game goes on. Other options at the three drop slot include Kitchen Finks which can ruin aggro decks and make life hard for midrange decks, Leatherback Baloth a card similar to Steel Leaf Champion , trading its power and toughness and losing the evasion, and Groundbreaker which is a one-time-use hammer that can be an instant kill when paired with Aspect of Hydra (basically it's a green Ball Lightning ).

The Non-Creature Stuff

Besides creatures, this deck runs a bunch of spells that are meant to help close out the game faster and protect your threats to keep the damage flowing. - Aspect of Hydra : The highest potential of any green buff spell is right here. It often provides boosts of - +5 +5 and above, allowing for kills where an opponent may have thought themselves to be safe. - Vines of Vastwood : A multi-use spell, that can both blank removal and add to the assault. A similar card is Blossoming Defense . - Rancor : The power of Rancor is best shown when you play against it. It ruins trades and makes life miserable, continuously pushing damage throughout the game.

The Lands

This part is pretty simple considering it is a mono colored deck. Treetop Village is a land that can be a threat and is very effective at doing so.


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