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Wave of Tentacles - $30 bounce-spells and flyers

Frontier Aggro Budget Casual Competitive Control Tempo




$32.70 (@TCG) Budget deck. I've been trying out some different card choices, this newest version hasn't been played a lot yet, but believe me when I say it will crush everything.

This also happens to be a fun casual deck for friendly games and FNM, opponents will probably love losing to this deck because their creatures never actually die, they are just restrained until you either win or you bounce every non-land card back to its owners hand and get an 8/8 octopus. Your friends won't have to feel bad because they get to keep looking at and replaying all their favorite cards.

The deck is nothing but cheap evasive flyers and reusable removal effects that can all be quickly and cheaply replayed after casting any one of seven bounce wipes; Crush of Tentacles or Displacement Wave

that's 12 low CMC flyers that should be able to attack every turn, along with 35 cards in the deck that interact with opponents cards.

You get seven chances to wipe the board, restarting the race to get in some player damage before wiping the board again. The abilities of all the permanents are perfect for letting you attack through opponents threats as fast as they can usually recast them. It can be a slow process sometimes, but so long as the opponent doesn't kill all your threats and doesn't play more then 2-3 of their own a turn you stand a good chance of eventually getting there. At least there should always be a way to not lose for a bunch more turns. If that's the way it's going to go you can beat them game two with the mill strategy in the sideboard.

This deck will not be able to beat the fastest lucky aggro decks, decks with a lot of haste, and likely some others, but at least you'll usually be able to not-die for a long time, that's kinda fun!

The sideboard

The sideboard was originally going to be full of counterspells, but now I'm thinking I better just avoid all the feel bad cards completely and simply mill my opponents out. The deck has a sort-of non violent theme going on and it's already so great at not dying, why not transform into a Bounce/Mill strategy? How popular will the Delirium mechanic be? If your lucky, opponents will mill half their cards away themselves! The side board is actually working really well. I think you could make a strong mill deck right now with these bounce effects and enchantment based removal.

The sideboard is intended to be sided in in its entirety. With or without the counterspells. Side out all 12 flyers then to add the counterspells replace any combination of Displacement Wave s or Reflector Mages.

I really want three Confirm Suspicions to work. It's been great so far, but I've only cast it a couple times. It suits the decks play style and the clues are perfect for triggering Sphinx's Tutelage

I haven't honestly tested this enough yet and I'm not going to have much time to practice, there's less then a week left before the Grand-Prix and I sometimes do other things with my time. I will continue to consider suggestions and test and update this deck. I think with it will be possible for someone to make day two of the next GP with this budget deck! You should try it yourself! +1 if you like it.


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