Modern Seismic Toad

Sleazebag and XaNer0's attempt at putting together a modern viable Gitrog deck!

The idea of this deck is simple. Seismic Assault + The Gitrog Monster + Dakmor Salvage gives you infinite damage.

With The Gitrog Monster in play, discarding Dakmor Salvage lets you draw a card, you can then replace this draw trigger with the Dakmor Salvage's dredge to put it back in your hand. You can repeat this process indefinitely, and at instant speed! Since we deal 2 damage with Seismic Assault each time we discard a land, the result is simple to imagine.

With the help of Goryo's Vengeance, we can win as early as turn 3 by discarding an Emrakul to either Faithless Looting, Raven's Crime or even Thoughtseize and reanimating it. But that's not the main goal of the card, which is to reanimate The Gitrog Monster for only 2 mana if we end up dredging him.

Until we assemble the combo, the deck functions as an attrition heavy control deck. One of the major tools to help us achieve this is Life from the Loam. Seismic Assault paired with Life from the Loam allows us to keep on discarding lands repeatedly to machine-gun down anything that sticks to the board. Raven's Crime will keep your opponent in topdeck mode permanently. Ghost Quarter will keep on coming back every turn until your opponents have no remaining lands in play. It's worth mentioning that Seismic Assault + Life From the Loam is easily able to grind out the game on its own if we are unable to find or play Gitrog.

Noxious Revival and Faithless Looting are also cards that synergize with our dredge theme. Noxious is there to recover a dredged Seismic Assault , Goryo's Vengeance, The Gitrog Monster or other key piece, while Faithless Looting is a cheap and re-usable tool to help us draw (and dredge!) our way through the deck for the pieces needed to win.

The rest of the deck is a standard jund control shell. Liliana of the Veil, Thoughtseize, Murderous Cut and Abrupt Decay help disrupt the opponents gameplan while protecting our own.

This deck is a work in progress, but we're very happy with it so far. Feel free to give us any further suggestions!


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Modern Seismic Toad

  • Match 1 - Taking Turns 2-1
  • Match 2 - 8 rack 1-0 (Took over 1 hour, we gave up)
  • Match 3 - UB Tezzerator 2-1
  • Match 4 - Affinity 2-0
  • Match 5 - Affinity 2-0
  • Match 6 - Lantern Control 2-0
  • Match 7 - Grixis Control 1-2
  • Match 8 - Burn 0-2
  • Match 9 - Burn 0-2
  • Match 10 - Abzan Hangarback 2-0
  • Match 11 - Lantern Control 2-0
  • Match 12 - UB Delver 1-2
  • Match 13 - UW Tron 1-2
  • Match 14 - Grixis Control 1-1 (Didn't have time for the final round!)

For more information on how the games played out, just ask in the comments!


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