The namesake and key piece of this deck is Tortured Existence. While mulliganing you pretty much need Tortured Existence and at least 2 mana. If you have that, you are pretty much set. Each card has a certain purpose, Stinkweed Imp and Golgari Brownscale are your cards to discard to Tortured Existence, Vessel of Nascency, Commune with the Gods, and Satyr Wayfinder are to get more cards into your discard, Spore Frog plus any dredge card and Tortured Existence shuts down combat every turn, Battlefield Scrounger is to stop you from milling out. Grave Scrabbler can give you card advantage with Tortured Existence, and Perilous Myr and Fume Spitter slowly whittle down your opponent's resources. You have a couple ways to win, first of all recurring Perilous Myr and Spore Frog every turn to slowly kill your opponent, or using Crypt Rats to first clear the board and then swing in with a Carrion Feeder pumped up with the creatures you sacrificed in response to Crypt Rats. Crypt Rats can just kill your opponent by themselves if you have enough mana (use Tilling Treefolk to get mana).

In the sideboard (which I would love some help with) the Auramancer and the plains are there against enchantment removal, Gnaw to the Bone against burn or other fast decks that aren't shut down by Spore Frog, Faerie Macabre for graveyard interaction, Caustic Caterpillar against affinity and other artifact or enchantment based strategies, Chainer's Edict mainly for Bogles but also useful in a pinch against control decks running only a few creatures for a win condition, and Entourage of Trest and Mesmeric Fiend to win in a control matchup by destroying their hand and slowly getting card advantage. Lastly if you sideboard in Mesmeric Fiend, try to play it with a sac outlet out. You play it, and with its etb trigger on the stack, sacrifice it. The leave the battlefield trigger happens before the etb and their card never comes back.


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