My pride and joy. Trostani, Selesnya's Voice. Do you like big as tokens? Do you like countless big ass tokens? Are you a fan of having loads of mana? Enchament destruction and getting around wraths up your alley? Then this deck is perfect for you. Win Con? Play Craterhoof with 3 Twin Tokens? Play entreat for like 10 mana? Countless possibilites and so much fun. In all seriousness if your looking for a hyper competeive deck DO NOT make this. It's a good time and fun to play with friends but sadly is not hyper competetive. However, it's not just a chump deck, with high life totals and Aetherflux and Feldiar you become a serious threat. I've been playing this deck for about a year and I've had a blast doing it. SO hopefully you fall in love with Trostani and summona token army.


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