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Distract your opponents with minor stax, tokens, and enchantment spam while you work towards your win con: Helix Pinnacle .

Protect Omniscience with City of Solitude and its GG. Get infinite mana with Estrid + The Chain Veil , and put 100+ counters on Helix then cast Nexus of Fate pass and win on your next upkeep with Helix.

Jank win con is to blow up everyone's perms with Ajani's Chosen , Aura Shards , Enchanted Evening , and High Market .

Alternate alt win con is the classic Squirrel Nest + Earthcraft combo.

Potentially force some scoops with an early game Stasis and Estrid, the Masked with enchanted lands.

An unanswered Genesis Wave is also usually GG.


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