My first draft of Kykar. When this card was spoiled I knew I would have to build him. No removal at the moment other than Cyclonic Rift and Winds of Abandon Want to see if the deck plays fast enough with all the drawing I’ll be doing. If it survives long enough to get the draw engines going I may not need much removal. I very well could be wrong on that but we’ll see once I build it on paper.(Update: Added Allay and Shattering Pulse for removal I’m able to buy back.) Anybody else with a similar build, feedback would be appreciated.

Spell slingin’ fun. If the token swarm doesn’t finish opponents off then all the Guttersnipe effects or Aria of Flame will.


Updates Add

Took out The Locust God to make room for a unique card I happened on, Soulfire Grand Master whose ability to essentially give all my instant and sorcery spells buyback makes him far more useful than locust god’s ability to give me tokens.


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