The main point of this deck is to throw a small wrench into our opponents plans just to keep things fair. I don't plan on becoming the main enemy at the table, I just wanna be the guy who is periodically blowing up the board, wiping the graveyards, goading unwilling creatures to attack, and possibly winning at the end.

Mardu is one of - if not the most - flavorful color combination for intrigue and control, and who better to be in command than the assassin Queen Marchesa herself. I chose her because I like the idea of being an instant-speed interactive strategy that's not blue, and she provides card draw allowing more slots of the deck to play to Mardu's strengths instead.

This is my first attempt at a more reactive and political style deck, tips and suggestions are very welcome!

Card Choices and Strategy:

The following section is subdivided sequentially into the various phases of a typical game.

The optimal start would be casting Queen Marchesa on turn 3 thanks to a 2-mana rock. In order to do this the deck packs all of the Mardu-relevant signets and talismans. Getting the Monarchy with a mana rock is optimal since it also helps avoid potential hand-space issues.

In order to ensure a land drop almost every turn Thaumatic Compass  Flip, Weathered Wayfarer and Tithe are very useful, each of these cards also have synergy with the overall strategy of the deck. The latter two can search up Mistveil Plains which is extremely relevant to a Sunforger engine you want to get going every game if possible.

In order to maintain Monarchy throughout the game I've chosen a mix of reactive and pillowfort cards instead of going all in on either direction. Cards like Ghostly Prison , Sphere of Safety and Windborn Muse are obviously great deterrents. Delaying Shield is a really cool card that not only lets you prevent some potential crucial damage, but also makes it impossible to lose Monarchy since it converts combat damage into loss of life.

At instant speed Comeuppance can be a mega-bomb, and the deck is packing a solid amount of instant-speed spot removal to deal with any creature that sneaks past the outer defenses.


At least a third of the deck is dedicated to spot-removal, graveyard hate, board wipes and spell interaction. And another 8 hate bears to slow everyone down, though nothing too serious to make us a target, looking at you Winter Orb .. except perhaps Sire Of Insanity .


The most powerful engine - and a big justification for running this many instants - is Sunforger . This equipment is insane and given enough mana can really change the game. This list is packing 19 instants, so almost any situation should have an answer. Furthermore Mistveil Plains has strong synergy with it and can be fetched via Tithe , allowing Marchesa to recycle her spells over and over.

Political Elements:

Adding Monarch to a game is already a political act. As far as "pure" politics cards go, I can't say I've included as many as many other lists I see on here. Aside from obvious examples like Duelist's Heritage and Disrupt Decorum , there is a lot of potential politics in instant-speed reactive cards like Wild Ricochet and Reverberate , selective boardclears, not to mention Sunforger itself.

Ah yes, winning the game. Honestly this part I have to say I'm a bit iffy on. I am wondering if I should include more win-cons or not, would be very interested in hearing your opinions on this. Currently the only two "pure" win-conditions are Assemble the Legion and Luminarch Ascension .

Alternative paths include attacking with an equipped Queen Marchesa , copying/reflecting a giant spell, or with either Liliana, Dreadhorde General or Kaya, Orzhov Usurper ultimates (Kaya's ult is actually very strong with all of the graveyard removal).


Marchesa deck with elements of control, politics and some shenanigans. I am definitely open to comments and suggestions.


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