A competitive Oathbreaker deck built to combo off as fast as turn 3 and more realistically on turn 5. The deck is simple: use fast mana to dig through your deck and find infinite combos to win.
The deck truly revolves around abusing Ral’s static ability, and as such, we’re aiming to go infinite with copying our own spells over and over again. The main combo in this deck requires 8 total mana to make it work; 4 to cast Ral, and 4 to cast your spells. It is also essential to try and pull off this combo as soon as possible, but also when there’s no chance to stop you from going off, as each failed attempt makes casting Doublecast even more difficult and puts that combo farther and farther out of reach. We have included Howl of the Horde in the event that this happens, but we really don’t want to have to resort to that back up plan. Anyways, the combo works as such:
  1. Down-tick Ral to copy the next instant or sorcery you cast next turn.

  2. Cast Doublecast from your command zone. Let the copy of the spell resolve first.

  3. Cast Reverberate on the original Doublecast. This will create another copy of Reverberate, which you will have copy the original Reverberate, which will copy Reverberate again, and so on and so forth.

With Ral’s static ability, you can machine gun your opponents down instantly with this combo, making Ral one of the top tier Oathbreakers in the format.

In addition to the original combo, a second combo has also been added in the event that you’ve exhausted all your instant Reverberate effects or Doublecast costs too much to cast. A combo with Ghostly Flicker + Dualcast Mage works off of Ral’s static ability once again; although it costs a lot more mana to pull off, requiring a total of 6 mana, both cards can also still have a function within the deck outside of the combo, so I decided to include them in. In addition, this combo also works at instant speed, meaning you can pull it off at the ideal time as long as you have the mana to do it. The combo works as such:
  1. Cast Ghostly Flicker

  2. Hold priority, and then cast Dualcaster Mage

  3. Once Dualcaster Mage resolves and ETB’s, copy the Ghostly Flicker

  4. Have the Ghostly Flicker copy target Dualcaster Mage. Dualcaster Mage will ETB again, and you can repeat this loop and infinite amount of times

Similarly to how copying Fork effects infinitely can machine gun down your opponents, copying Ghostly Flicker infinitely with Ral out on the field will accomplish the same thing.

Overall, many of the pricey cards in the deck are meant to protect your combos and get fast mana. If you’re willing to take a slower approach to the deck, Force of Will, Pact of Negation and Swan Song can be easily swapped out for cheaper counterspells, as they’re really there to protect your combo with limited mana. Another easy change is Cyclonic Rift; it’s powerful as hell and can leave the board clear for you to finish your opponents, but if it’s not necessarily what you want any basic bounce spell can fill that spot easily. One of the best ways to save money with this deck is to remove the Mox mana rocks from the deck. The Mox Cards are included in the deck to add as much fast mana as possible; however, the Fire and Sky diamonds also work to produce colored mana, albeit they’re much slower. And finally, many of the dual lands in the deck, including Shivan Reef, Temple of Epiphany, Steam Vents, and Sulfur Falls can all be replaced by basic lands.


Updates Add

Changed out the Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal combo for a Ghostly Flicker + Dualcaster Mage combo, as neither of the pieces for the first combo were applicable anywhere else in the deck and the deck doesn't run enough mana rocks to be able to consistenly pull off the combo even if we find both pieces and the scepter wasn't removed.



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