Throne of Eldrain release!

With Throne of Eldrain released, we now have the sweet new card Once Upon a Time . This card can help dig for more lands and creatures. The benefit is also is that it can be a free spell. I believe that this one is on the same level as Grisly Salvage . The benefit of Once Upon a Time is that it can be a free spell. Otherwise, I don't need to pay. Grisly Salvage has the benefit of throwing them in my graveyard.

What I wanted to do for that is to trim my graveyard action and to throw in Once Upon a Time . This will help me with digging for answers.

Mainboard in: Mainboard out:
4x Once Upon a Time 2x Satyr Wayfinder
1x Stirring Wildwood
1x Unburial Rites

Unwinneable match

In the time I played this deck I had three matches against Amulet Titan. I won 1 game by exiling the Primeval Titan with Surgical Extraction but even that became a hard match. To improve the matchup against them I need more hate against them. The best answer I could think of in my deck is Damping Sphere . It is also a nice bonus that I now have something against Tron :). Besides Amulet Titan I also have trouble with small creature decks. I have 2 board wipes in the SB but I could not get it with my dig cards. For that reason, I want a Massacre Girl in my SB.
Sideboard in: Sideboard out:
1x Massacre Girl 1x Assassin's Trophy
2x Damping Sphere 2x Collective Brutality

Graveyard hate

In the current version of the deck, I play three Surgical Extraction . But I want to change it. Because it it strong but not strong enough. It has only one graveyard target and won't help me against dredge. I can pay the so that would make Extirpate a better option. Another one I thought about is Leyline of the Void . Because it is strong, but also have some weaknesses. Like if it is not in my openings hand, it is to slow or if my opponents know about it, they can sideboard in removal. For that reason (and the price) I am also thinking of Ravenous Trap . Ravenous Trap can be a free spell, removes a whole graveyard and is hard to answer. Too bad that it only works once. Extirpate over Surgical Extraction because I can pay and than the split second can save the day. Ravenous Trap is also a good option because it can exile a whole graveyard for free when I need it. It is a little drawback that 3 or more cards needs to go to the yard before I can cast it for free. But I think that when I want to cast it, my opponent did put 3 cards in their graveyard. The decision is: 4x Ravenous Trap .
Mainboard in: Mainboard out:
1x Eternal Witness 1x Satyr Wayfinder
2x Fatal Push 1x Inquisition of Kozilek
2x Marsh Flats 1x Windswept Heath
1x Hissing Quagmire
1x Surgical Extraction
The mainboard will be less about filling my graveyard but more about answers. By removing a few graveyard fil cards to add Fatal Push I want to make the deck more about slowing my opponent. With the help of Eternal Witness I can back a card to answer a threat of my opponent.
The sideboard is in my opinion to bring more hate to defeat my opponents. Leyline of the Void is the main change of this iteration. Because Ravenous Trap works better in my experience against my opponents. The other change I want to make is bring in a Damnation . That Card cost instead of with Day of Judgment . That is better in my deck because I do not use white mana very often multiple times in a turn. Unlike Black or green.
Sideboard in: Sideboard out:
1x Damnation 2x Surgical Extraction
4x Ravenous Trap 1x Thrun, the Last Troll
1x Day of Judgment
1x Unburial Rites


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