Here is a simple deck that I've been tweaking and working on to get some work done in standard! All suggestions are welcome.

(note: the deck has 2 copies of Find // Finality in the mainboard, and 2 Find // Finality and Connive // Concoct in the mainboard)


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After doing some additional play testing without any cards that will be rotating, I realized two things need o be done to the deck; Some more cards to help survive until the late game and a way to deal with Vine Mare. I can't think of any ideas for the mare except for using 3 Diamond Mares, but I thought of possibly using any of the following; Doomed Dissenter, Dire Fleet Hoarder, Knight of Malice, Seekers' Squire, or Fountain of Renewal. any other ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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