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This is my WIP 12-post deck.

At god hand, the deck can get the two out of the three Eldrazi titans out on turn 3 with:

Turn 1 Cloudpost, Turn 2, tap for Amulet of Vigor, play Cloudpost or Vesuva, tap to play Doubling Cube, Turn 3 Cloudpost or Vesuva, tap for 9 colorless, turn it into 12 colorless and GO BIG THINGS GO!

The deck has zero issues getting the lands it needs thanks to Crop Rotation and Expedition Map. Crop rotation also saves it from Wasteland effects by Crop rotating the targeted land in response. It can also work with future sideboard cards like Bojuka Bog to instant removal an opponents graveyard to hurt Dredge decks and Maverick decks.

Mulch is amazing in here as it helps get the locus lands and if I happen to reveal an Eldrazi Titan in those 4? AWESOME! I get to shuffle my yard PLUS the Mulch back in the deck. Explore, Magus of the Candelabra and Not of This World are all obvious choices and require no explanation.

The deck does have ONE infinite combo, but it involves having several Cloudpost/Vesuva in play along with Eye of Ugin. I can keep casting Emrakul, the Aeons Torn by searching for him, getting extra turns, allowing them to both die and shuffle back in only to search for them again, repeating over and over.


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