Make colorless cheaper with Herald of Kozilek s. Early blocker(s) with Consulate Skygate . Beef up artifacts with Chief of the Foundry . Big body with Vile Aggregate that hopefully does some damage. Aerial protection with Consulate Skygate and attacks with Snare Thopter . Mishra, Artificer Prodigy for free stuff. Scry with Saheeli Rai and also use her -2 to make copy of Pierce Strider for a bit of extra damage, Steel Hellkite for a big flyer, or Snare Thopter for a chunk of quick winged damage. Spell Shrivel could possible be cast for with enough Herald of Kozilek s out. Finish with Steel Hellkite . Abrade and Unlicensed Disintegration for some removal.

Sideboard and landbase needs some attention...any suggestions?

I would like to bring this to a higher level, so please suggest ways I can improve.


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