My take on Selesnya Aggro, the deck is aiming to overwhelm the opponent with low cmc costs and some synergy from value town, you will soon be having opponents concede before round 4!

Sigarda, Host of Herons & Stirring Wildwood to prevent flyers.




DRACULA150704 says... #1

November 3, 2017 11:03 p.m.

Majorpain says... #2

DRACULA150704 It's a good card but my 2 drop spots are taken. I wouldn't run Call of the Conclave over Fleecemane Lion or Sylvan Advocate personally. And I would rather have the utility that Qasali Pridemage offers.

Unless I was playing Selesnya tokens, then that card shines more.

November 4, 2017 3:24 p.m.

xyr0s says... #3

Average cost is somewhat too high for modern aggro, I think. Fiendslayer Paladin is 3 mana for a 2/2 creature (with benefits and buffs, bit still...) - it's not very hard to stop it, as it only has "cannot be targeted by black and red", but it can still very much be blocked.

Sylvan Advocate doesn't really shine here. I mean... 2/3 vigilance is ok, but it is going to be a long time before you have enough lands to make it grow (approximately 8 turns).

Why Banishing Light over Path to Exile? The jump between 1 cmc and 3 cmc is pretty significant.

How about Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip? that's a pretty good 1 drop creature. Sometimes just a 2/1, sometimes a threat because it might flip.

November 5, 2017 5:12 p.m.

Majorpain says... #4

xyr0s I have been on the fence with Fiendslayer Paladin for a while. He will be swapped out but not sure for what until tested with.

I dont think 8 turns will be neccesary to drop 6 lands, He also synergises with Stirring Wildwood. A 2/3 vig for 2 mana is okay, a 4/5 vig for 2 mana is very good. However, what would you suggest instead?

Personal preference imo, Path is any creature but banish is any non land permanent. Path would go in the side for me for aggro match ups.

I do like kytheon, I may add him and see how he trials.

November 5, 2017 6:09 p.m.

xyr0s says... #5

For an aggro deck, path has a very real advantage over banish: casting cost. You can play a 2 drop creature, and clear a blocker away already in turn 3 (and most likely, you'll have extra 2 cmc creatures rather often, as you play an aggro deck).

Dunno what to say instead of advocate... Strangleroot Geist, perhaps? That's a fast hitter, with some resilience. But for Sylvan Advocate,it will take about 8 turns to grow - just over every 3rd card in your deck is a land, so you'll hit 3 landdrops right away, most likely the 4th too, but after that, you have to wait for, on average, every third card to be a land. The synergy with manlands is nice, but they won't meet very often - a 3-of and a 2-of.

November 5, 2017 6:38 p.m.

APPLE01DOJ says... #6

Awesome deck. Personally I rather run some more Brimaz or Hero of Bladehold over Fiendslayer.

You have enough creatures to make Devouring Light valid to run. Declaration in Stone is a great middle ground as well.

Another solid addition to the 75 could be some Kitchen Finks.

If you have time check out my G/W Aggro deck. Lifted Research Group

November 5, 2017 8:35 p.m.

Majorpain says... #7

xyr0s My main issue is what if The Rack was slapped down. I guess I do have Pridemage for that, Maybe I will exchange them for paths then.

APPLE01DOJ Hero of Bladehold Looks decent.. i would rather run her over brimaz due to the legendary rule. However it would up my avg cmc, I have wilt in the 4 slot. I think I will try and find room for paths. You don't run any Rancor. Would you suggest I cut it?

November 6, 2017 5:41 a.m.

APPLE01DOJ says... #8

Rancor is legit. Worth running if you have the space.

November 6, 2017 12:13 p.m.

xyr0s says... #9

Wouldn't it be a sideboard thing, to bring a card against one specific threat, like The Rack?

Not sure Knotvine Paladin will do much good - you rarely have any significant number of untapped creatures during the attack step, do you?

Pride Sovereign - who knows, it might work. You do have quite a few cats in your deck, so... I still think Hero of Bladehold would be good instead of one of these. Mostly because it has enough toughness to survive Lightning Bolt, and makes its tokens while attacking.

Your creature count might be a bit low. You could consider something like Silverblade Paladin instead of Ajani, Caller of the Pride - it hits harder, even if it doesn't give flying.

And, last thing, Gavony Township gives you something to do with your mana, after you've emptied your hand. One or two copies seems sensible.

November 6, 2017 4:43 p.m.

spiritwarden says... #10

Have you considered adding dryad militant? When I had my selesnya build, I included her as a turn 1 aggro creature to apply pressure early on. The exile clause was never a big issue since I ran only a few relevant instants and sorceries. Its a nice build and the Sigarda inclusion befits the top of the curve and a final beater to seal the match. On the same note, Have you considered dryad sophisticate? With all the nonbasic lands in modern, she might be slow but she might get there for a few punches too.

November 7, 2017 11:41 p.m.

Ballzanya says... #11

I think Dryad Militant or Experiment One are both better than Sunblade Elf.

November 8, 2017 6:23 a.m.

Evelyn_Bonnie says... #12

Loam Lion is a better Sunblade Elf

November 10, 2017 6:14 p.m.

APPLE01DOJ says... #13

Sunblade Elf can pump the team in the late game.

November 10, 2017 7:35 p.m.

DRACULA150704 says... #14

November 10, 2017 9:14 p.m.

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