Thank you for dining at Naya Beatdown tonight, the special of the week is a particularly spicy deck centering around the all-star Majestic Myriarch.

The dish serves up an antipasto platter of the best keywords money can buy, starting with a delectable 2x Sacred Cat which initiate the lifegain of the dish and can linger on the tongue with its embalm quality. A double serving of Legion's Landing  Flip is also provided, a particularly spicy version of Sacred Cat that can end up being the star of the dish if you feel full before you reach the magnificent Myriarch, but also mixes excellently with the Myriarch if both are on the spoon together.

In the second tastings we have a full playset of Sky Terror, filling the mouth with quite an intense aroma that has no trouble dealing out flavour after flavour to the salivating tastebuds. a duo of Adorned Pouncer brings on a minute but insistent bouquet to the dish, with an extremely savourable aftertaste later in the meal.

Halfway through our curve of tastings we reach a playset of Aerial Responder, a keyword soup that tantalizes the senses with aggressive, lifegaining and defensive undertones. A powerhouse of the meal, consuming on of these gorgeous 3-drops on curve will leave others at your table wimpering in jealousy. Two Ahn-Crop Crasher fill the palette wuth an aggressive colour, while also allowing the more subtle flavours in the mouth to "swing in". Two Tilonalli's Skinshifter no not impose on the palette as other flavours do, but when combined with more explosive aromas the tastes quickly become too much for others on the table to handle.

Three Fleetwheel Cruiser have impact the palette immediately, however lingers on the tastebuds when combined with other components of the dish. Two Oketra the True do not always impress by themselves, but with the right combination of flavours Oketra can truly be a breathtaking sensation that keeps melting on the tongue. One Vizier of the Managerie pairs well with any other component of the dish, and leaves the palette more accepting of the tremendous variety presented to you today.

Before the grand finale of the dish, may I direct your attention to the condiments provided? Blossoming Defense rounds out the flavour of any particular component, stopping it from being overwhelmed. Abrade helps to deal with the nasty tastes that may come unexpectedly from others at the table (not eating the same magnificent dish as yourself obviously). Sorcerous Spyglass may seem like a measly addition to the meal, but it shuts off any other rogue tastes that may try to impose on your stupendous meal, as well as allow you to tailor your sequence of mouthfuls to avoid the adverse conditions that may arise.

And finally we have reached the champion of champions, the victor of victors, the ruler of this fine buffet before you... it is Majestic Myriarch!!! This mind-blowing ingredient is a huge impact to the dish, attacking immediately with a combination of flavours combined from all the other ingredients. As soon as the other diners lay eyes on this, they will toss away their meal and ask for 10 copies of whatever you are having.

And with that I will leave you to revel in the delectable feast before you. Enjoy :)




DarkHamlet says... #1

+1 to your gourmet comments. Great deck, very tasty!

I may suggest Rhonas the Indomitable, a bit of reptile dressing.

November 30, 2017 1:09 p.m.

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