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Only Death, No Taxes Featuring Shirei

Commander / EDH* Mono-Black


This deck is commanded by Sherei, Shizo's Caretaker. Who would have thought that all of these trash commons would be so good! Play 'em, sac 'em, return 'em and do it all over again! This deck does not function at all without our general so I have included Darksteel Plate , Kaya's Ghostform , Undying Evil and a couple other effects so that Sherei, Shizo's Caretaker does not die. You will be drawing many many cards, so I have included Reliquary Tower and Expedition Map to search for said tower. Remember, we only get Shirei's trigger if the creature died, not if it was discarded. While playing this deck, you may tend to draw a lot of attention because you will be doing things on everyones' turn, so be sure to start going off once Shirei is protected. There are a couple of artifacts that really do help us in the long run like Meekstone , Jar of Eyeballs and Ashnod's Altar so we have also included Myr Retriever so that we can easily get our artifacts back. Other than these basic things, just do Sherei things like bringing back a single creature on everyones endstep so that nobody has cards in hand while you are sitting there struggling to hold all of yours or just draining people for massive amounts of life. Have F U N


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