What started as a rework of the Draconic Domination commander deck has become something... More. More dragon-y, more mana-y, more cosmic horror-y. (Just kidding, the Eldrazi went to live with the Phyrexians in the Atraxa deck. The dragons are just too cool for them.) The focus is going to be on dragons (the creatures) or "dragons" of their particular kind of spell, card type, or color. The biggest, the best, the flashiest, whatever it happens to be, the best of its kind. Just as dragons represent the pinnacle of creature perfection, so should the rest of this deck aspire to such lofty heights.

The journey is long, but the destination is greatness. And so, let us walk the path...

IN THE BEGINNING there were dragons. The players saw that there were dragons, and were pleased. Then there were other creatures like elves, merfolk, goblins, and some players were distracted from The Way, The Truth, and The Light that is The Eternally Scaled Hide, so the dragons ate them. Even the slivers. Always the slivers.

This is a reworked (quite, in some senses) version of the Draconic Domination preconstructed deck from Commander 17. Which is to say, I took most of those dragons, some of the spells, and the Mighty and Wise Ur-Dragon (long may he reign) then just went whole hog on weird ideas. Eventually, though, all roads lead to dragons again, and I'm going to be bringing this deck back to focusing on what really matters in this world: dragons, and things as awesome as they are. So, that in mind, the criteria for inclusion in this deck's theme will be as follows:

1. Dragons are obviously in.
2. But only the really big dragons, the dragons of dragons if you are pickin' up what I'm puttin' down.
3. Other creatures may be included if they meet one of the following criteria: probably could beat/eat a dragon, can rend existence from its fragile perch in our minds, or is something a dragon might own as a pet or servant. This covers the Eldrazi titans and the inclusion of both Birds of Paradise and Vizier of the Menagerie. (Even a zoo with one animal needs someone to take care of it, dragons do not labor manually as we all know.)
4. Spells should either directly reference dragons, or be something suitably powerful or kill-y enough to please even the coldest blooded of hearts.
5. Artifacts should be suitably treasure-esque as our supreme, scaly superiors need to have a stash worth of their status. If you are confused on whether an artifact meets this criteria, consult your local Pirate Guild Treasure Expert, usually located just inside the comically oversized treasure chest.

Because dragons are my inspiration, and because dragons both fear nothing and paradoxically like to live dangerously I decided to buy a box each of Fate Reforged and Dragons of Tarkir rather than just singles. Honestly, after Tinder I'm pretty sure my luck with singles has run out anyway, AYOO! Just kidding because, like dragons, I rule.

There's a million dragons, or there will be, I admit counting was not my strongest math skill, but if there's anything notable in the genus Draconica Perfecta missing from this fine cardboard pile, please feel free to mention it and our trained representatives will be with you as soon as they are able. You won't hurt our feelings if you think the best thing about this deck is the name. (We feel the same.)

I had a screed/rant about ABUR duals, fetch lands, and a few other lands. Well, fortune smiled on me and I got some without having to pay anything close to market value. I'm absolutely a "cut off your nose to spite your face" kind of person, but I tried them and they worked too well for me to not run them in my decks. I am sorry for betraying my brethren out there, and volunteer to be first against the wall when the Red (Deck Wins) Army comes for us all.


The number 4,000,000 I mean. I've added most of the dragons that I believe should be added. I also met a friend today, his name is [Ugin, the Spirit Dragon]. Apparently he and Lord Bolas had some beef, but when your are called upon by The Ur-Dragon the only answer is yes.

Bahahaha, and in the other box I found Dragonlord Silumgar and Dragon Whisperer which is just so, so kosher.

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Skywatch says... #1

I love the movie/books that you named your deck after. They are awesome.

October 6, 2017 1:58 p.m.

Sionmon says... #2

Upvoted , just for the pun

October 6, 2017 8:09 p.m.

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