This is an Enchantress prison deck. It is best in multiplayer, where you play a Rattlesnake sort of game early before taking over the board. It can play 1-on-1, but requires prioritizing defense even more than usual. It’s one of my favorite EDH decks, but I rarely play it anymore because it tends to create very unfun gamestates (well, unfun for everyone else).

I have now replaced Child of Alara with Golos, Tireless Pilgrim . I almost never actually cast Child, but it is one of those generals that people tend to make assumptions about as soon as they see it. Golos comes off as less aggressive, plus he finds Serra's Sanctum , Hall of Heliod's Generosity , or fixing. He survives The Abyss to block, and his activated ability isn’t too shabby.

Combos include: Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond (infinite combo) Lich + Repay in Kind (sets all players life to 0) Lich + Soul Conduit (kill target player, draw cards equal to their life total) Delaying Shield + Lich (100% immunity to all damage, even damage that can’t be prevented; replacement effect bypasses Lich’s trigger on damage, converts it into harmless life loss on your next upkeep) Delaying Shield + Solemnity (100% immunity to damage, since you never get counters on Shield) Delaying Shield + Phyrexian Unlife (immune to damage at 0 or below) Lich + Words of Worship (draw ridiculous amounts of cards) Sanguine Bond + Sylvan Library + Words of Worship (replace your draw step with 15 to the face and gain 15) Necropotence + Soul Conduit (draw down to 1 life (or 0 with Phyrexian Unlife in play), then swap life totals) Humility + Moat (make the table hate you)


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