Auras is very popular. Here's 3 color auras!

Main goal here is to beef up some good targets, which are also coincidentally all soldiers that put war falcon online. There were a lot of cool enchantments to pick from in the ol' pauper pool, but in the end I decided the spread that you get from red and blue as support colors was too insane to pass up. Typically, other versions of the enchantment matters decks that I've seen don't really run any spells mainboard, but I think it's important to have the two mainboard spells I included.

Mainboard creatures:

Mainboard Enchantments:

Mainboard Spells:

My landbase is super shaky and overall the thing I'm the least sure of. If anyone has an idea of how to play it more efficiently I'd be happy to hear it.

Sideboard has:


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This is bant now. American AKA jeskai was not really a great combo for this deck unfortunately. Too many changes to bother listing here, but there's a lot of pretty obvious upgrades here. I also am trying to add some more lands because I had a fair number of games at my last pauper event that made me think 17 is way too few.


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