For those who haven't heard, Oathbreaker is a new format being tested out as a bridge between Modern and Commander.

The idea is very simple: 60 card singleton decks and 20 life totals. You have both a Commander and a Commander Spell, each of which reside separately in their own Command Zones.

The Commander must be a Planeswalker - any Planeswalker.

The spell must be an instant or sorcery spell that shares your Commander's colors. Whether it is their full color identity or just part of it, I am not currently sure.

Commander tax applies to both the Planeswalker and the spell you link to your Planeswalker. I believe one rule is that you can not cast your spell unless you currently control your Planeswalker. Think of this sort of like an ultimate that you get to use for "free".

As for the rest of the deck, anything in EDH goes. Yup. Sol Ring in a 58-card library? Uhh, what? Yes.

This is my deck. Enjoy :)

  • BTW: I used custom categories to allow me to put Vraska and her spell in their own space since Oathbreaker doesn't have a format on this site yet. :3

The key strategy here is to ramp using the various dorks and Sol Ring so you can exploit the cheap mana cost of Assassin's Trophy time and time again. A secondary strategy of this deck is a heavy emphasis on land destruction. The reason for this is because we are going to be trading out our opponent's best permanents and giving them lands in return. Since we do not want our opponent to get ahead of us, we then blow those lands up. This slows down their progress and eventually stops them altogether.

As we spot-pick with removal and blow up lands, we also play cheap Deathtouch creatures. This gives us a wall between the battlefield and our life total. When we have Vraska, Swarm's Eminence out, our creatures with Deathtouch double as a mid-range threat. We can begin to attack once our opponent's boardstate is thin, allowing them to ping for a small amount of damage at first - and receive a +1/+1 counter for doing so.

Because we focus on a heavy amount of Deathtouch creatures and land removal, draw in this deck is thin. To compensate for this, I put in all of the Cycling lands that fit within these colors. Then, to offset that, I got lands that do not enter the battlefield tapped - or at the very least are easy enough to get around if you play them correctly. We also include Vraska, Golgari Queen as her +2 allows us to sacrifice a permanent to draw a card. This works perfectly with Vraska, Swarm's Eminence as she will only ever go down in Loyalty. The synergy between both of these Vraskas means we can get 1/1 Assassin tokens with Deathtouch from VSE, sac her to VGQ and draw a card, then recast VSE to gain more tokens while maintaining the static ability she comes with! :D

Also included in here is Garruk, Apex Predator as he can directly destroy Planeswalkers - For obvious reasons ;)

BTW: I am considering replacing Hornet Nest with Vampire Nighthawk . Same CMC but a harder casting. However, it gets me a Flyer + Lifelink. With Hornet Nest out, most likely people will not attack into it so the chances of me getting the wasps is low. At least, that's always been my experience in general. So, that is why I have Vampire Nighthawk in here over Hornet Nest . I am also considering Wurmcoil Engine , but I am not sure what to replace. I could replace Hornet Queen , but I like the idea of 5 Deathtouch Flyers sitting alongside Vraska, Swarm's Eminence , especially if I get the emblem from Vraska, Golgari Queen . But as always, suggestions are always welcome! :D

Oops, it appears Sol Ring is going to be banned as it is considered far too powerful in this format. I quickly changed it to Golgari Signet to promote speed.

I really hope you enjoy my deck and find Oathbreaker a fun new format! I certainly love it and hope it catches on! Cheers!


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