Inspired by Mathonical's Enchantment Control deck:

This is a similar control shell, with Aura Gnarlid as the main wincon for a quicker, aggro finish. There's also a single copy of Ethereal Armor to put on a Heliod's Pilgrim as backup.

The majority of control pieces can be tutored with Heliod's Pilgrim , with a couple copies of Journey to Nowhere and a single Oblivion Ring for things that need to be taken off the battlefield.

Still a WIP - possible changes:

  • Considering going up to a full playset of Lignify as it's tutorable, removes abilities, and the enchanted creature shouldn't be able to block Aura Gnarlid .
  • Not sure how I feel about the Trespasser's Curse in here. It's not really taken advantage of, and I feel there's probably something better that could fill the slot. Perhaps even Spreading Seas to bring in some land hate. One of each maybe?
  • Not sure Gift of Orzhova really fits. I guess the evasiveness is nice when trying to get the win with Heliod's Pilgrim , but there's probably better options to fill this slot.


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