I've been thinking about building a storm deck for commander for quite a while and now it's done. I play because of the available wheel effects in red and because Ignite Memories, which has the most potential for lethal damage, is red as well. Past in Flames as an alternative for Yawgmoth's Will is another reason for red.

The general concept of the deck is to have basically no permanents necessary for the combo, except for mana artifacts. I play several mass bounce spells and by playing no important permanents I easily avoid being hurt by them. Another important aspect: opponents will waste their removal on each other, thus creating card advantage for me. With Rebuild, Hurkyl's Recall, Chain of Vapor and Devastation Tide in the deck, I don't want to rely on stuff like Paradox Engine either. The only permanent based combo in this deck is Leyline of the Void and Helm of Obedience, because it's a two card combo and the leyline is also great with the lot of wheels I play.

Mana Breach and Overburden are especially mean with the wheels. While they can help myself to reuse the few lands I play in my turn, these cards either slow down the opponents by making them choose which spells are really necessary, or punish them for being greedy by bouncing several lands, which are then discarded or shuffled into the libraries. Same trick works with and EOT Rebuild, followed by a wheel on my turn - I wil replay all my mana rocks (also making the storm count go up, if I happen to be in the combo turn) but get rid of the opponent's acceleration.


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