My take on a Mizzix combo deck. Still learning how to play this so it probably looks bad to anyone with experience with Mizzix.

The maybeboard is filled with cards I want but can't afford.

Changes I would make (if I had the money)
-1 Mana Vault
-1 Thran Dynamo
-1 Paradox Engine

+1 Pact of Negation
+1 Force of Will
+1 Volcanic Island or Flusterstorm

Flusterstorm is a possibility because a Breya Storm deck is being developed in my group.

While having Paradox Engine out on the field with a ton of mana rocks seals the games fate, I feel like I could have more control in the deck. Doing this would let me interact with my opponent(s) better and not be a glass cannon.



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