A Red/White deck. This deck was constructed with a bunch of R/W cards I got. The things I had access to when constructing this were:

Rivals of Ixalan boosters Hour of Devastation boosters Shadow over Innistrad boosters Guilds of Ravnica boosters Ravnica Allegiance boosters RNA Deck builder's toolkit, along with the Core 2019 and Dominaria boosters they come with.

Looking for feedback on the deck, as well as desirable cards I should look out for. I've tried to make a deck with several card groups that synergise with each other. Low power creatures that benefit from mentor, Dinosaurs with Enrage that're protected by Temple Altisaur , who's called into my hand by Forerunner of the Empire . Generally a deck that focuses on my creatures and auras, while packing enough removal to deal with lots of creatures.

One issue I've noted is the inability to destroy enchantments. I'd love if I could get suggestions on cards that deal with this.

Hope to receive useful feedback and suggestions on how to change up things. Thank you!


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