A lands list I’m messing around with right now.

Strip mine - 3

Crop Rotation - 1

Demonic Tutor - 4

Did some testing today with some friends and went 2-1.

Lost 1-2 against Grixis Time vault. It beat me with vault and untappers. The match I won was with Scapeshift into Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle .

Beat Boros burn 2-1. Unfortunately I don’t recall much from that match. I Scapeshifted again.

Then I beat Blue/White control 2-1.

The match I lost was a total beat down by Consecrated Sphinx . I won one game with some good combat and Seismic Assault . The other match I had Fastbond turn one and had 4 lands on the Feild, my opponent cast Balance and I had to sack lands. But I had Life from the Loam in hand and a combination of that with Ayula's Influence . That was a crazy game!!!!

I would love any suggestions. I kinda just threw it together and know it could use some optimization. So any suggestions would be appreciated.


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