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Welcome to Rainbow Zoo! This is a Red / Green aggressive zoo deck. For those of you perhaps unfamiliar with the term, "zoo" describes an archetype that uses small aggressive creatures of differing creature types all individually powerful to kill the opponent. Many of these creatures have a land type matters theme to them, such as Wild Nacatl. The most common variant today is Naya Zoo in modern, and until recently the archetype was largely non-existant in pauper. But with the printing of Kird Ape in Eternal Masters, this opened up a world of possibilities. This variant I am calling Rainbow Zoo, because we make use of the Domain mechanic by playing Nylea's Presence to give us all five colors, while only actually playing two.
Great question! While Rainbow Zoo at times can be less consistent than a strictly RG deck not looking to play these synergies found here, Rainbow Zoo has the potential to be far more explosive. Tribal Flames and Matca Rioters are our two main payoff cards for running this variant. Both represent five damage, a full 1/4 of our opponents life total at a stage in the game and for a cost that is absurd. Is it strictly better than RG Zoo? I can't say, but I will say that this deck can be absurdly powerful and very fun to pilot.
Playing the deck is fairly simple. We are an aggressive deck, so the plan is to deploy our threats faster than our opponent and be the aggressor. There are certain synergies and things you will need to pay attention to when playing, however. Sequencing the threats you play matters immensely depending on the match up.Paying attention to your opponents deck and what answers they may have an adjusting accordingly is vital to the deck's success.
Kird Ape is the base of this strategy. we get 5 points of statline on a 1 drop creature merely for playing red and green. Not running this would be a mistake.

Wild Nacatl is a potential 3/3 for one, but if not it will almost certainly be a 2/2. Elite Vanguard is the basis in pauper as far as aggressive one drops go, and nacatl beats that out even as a 2/2. The card gets significantly better by including the rainbow package, but even as a 2/2 for one it is a great addition.

Keldon Marauders Is a powerful tool for two mana. This card represents up to five damage, two of which cant be avoided. But paired with the following card, we can abuse these ETB and leaves the battlefield triggers.

Horned Kavu Is a huge body for two mana at 3/4, and his drawback is having to bounce back a red or green creature when you play him. We mitigate this loss by playing Keldon Marauders to get more value out of them, and the following card for a tempo swing.

Burning-Tree Emissary is an incredible card. Cheating mana is and always has been one of the most powerful things to be done in this game, and burning-tree lets us do just that. Being able to chain these together to drop up to 10 power on the board turn two (incredibly unlikely, but possible) is crazy,but even just playing one of these into any other two drop is a great tempo play.

Lightning Bolt I hope this card doesn't need much explaining, we are a red deck in a format where the card is legal. We are playing it.

Rancor is a resilient threat that pushes through lots of damage, putting one of these on a Matca Rioters can spell game over for our opponent right there but even on an Ape this card is great.

Nylea's Presence is what makes this deck possible. Luckily, the card replaces itself with a card draw because otherwise it would be unplayable. We play a playset because we want to see it every single game, but really you don't need more than one per game either.

Wild Nacatl We've already talked about this card, and it is good outside of running this package however getting that third land type really helps us out.

Gaea's Might is run in limited numbers a 2-of, because it is more situational than our other cards. This card does provide a great surprise factor though, opponents won't suspect this card coming I promise you that. This is certainly not the reason for playing this deck, but it is a nice addition.

Tribal Flames This card is bonkers, and really gives this deck a lot of reach. Five damage is nothing to scoff at, we aren't even a burn deck yet between these and bolts there is 32 points of damage possible. Many times one of these is all you will need to close out a game.

Matca Rioters is one of the biggest payoff cards in the deck, but also one of the biggest risks. With a Nylea's Presence this is a 5/5 for three mana, a crazy deal! But without it, its a measly 2/2 which isn't impressive at all and a rather bad rate for three mana.

Affinity: This match up is all about post sideboard. Game one, it is fairly even at about i'd say 50/50, maybe 60/40 in their favor. Game two, side in Tin Street Hooligan and Gorilla Shaman and the match is basically yours. On the play, if you blow up their turn one land on your second turn the game is basically over. After sideboarding, I'd say this match up is closer to 70/30 or even 80/20 in our favor.
Thanks for checking out the deck everyone! If you liked it I would really appreciate any feedback you may have for me, I only ask that if you suggest a card also recommend what you would take out for it. If you enjoy the deck please drop me an upvote, and feel free to use the deck and tweak it! I love to hear results people have using my decks. Thanks everyone!


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