The idea of this deck is to drain your opponents of life while making your own life total unassailable. Enchantments are a big, but secondary part of the deck.

A note on my labeling:

Lifegain means I gain life or an opponent loses it. I'm not that particular.

Control means counters or combat damage prevention. The latter is a big one as I don't want to lose to commander damage.

Maybeboard: Not really maybes, just cards I don't have yet but would be good upgrades. I'd include them if this wasn't as budget as it is.

There are cards that would work well that I didn't include.

Aetherflux Reservoir is a quick wincon (that I already own), but it feels cheap to me. I'd sub it in if I played more competitively.

Necropotence would work well, but it's not really my style.


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