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Go Ninja, Go Ninja GO!

Commander / EDH UB (Dimir)



6/19/19 Updated Added a few of the new Modern Horizon Ninjas. Not sure about adding all of them.

5/29/19 Update Will be adding the two new ninjas and unblockable changeling 1 drop from modern horizons. Any suggestions on what to pull?

Work in progress. Need some help and suggestions.in the play test not sure if the surveil will work out. Want to use the graveyard. Also use the multiple enter battlefield effects with ninjistu. Probably need more flashback cards and reanimate. Also is transmute a bit over the top here? Appreciate any feedback.

2/25/2019 Update Have updated the deck list. Have consistently been able to do 40 damage by turn 7 to the table not including combat damage. Let me know what you think I should tweek. This needs some real play testing to see how good this will run but the recovery seems pretty quick. The biggest issue is having enough mana to play the hand trying to avoid discarding if possible.


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