All these burn lists look the same, I included 2 Forked Bolts in this one. Its only been a Common for a short period of time and therefore is unexplored. It is fine against aggro, especially Delver, which by itself is enough to try it out- because Delver is the most popular deck. Well see how it does!

Sideboard GuidePlease make adjustment according to what you see! Dont ever blind follow the Sideboard Guide!

It is very obvious what these sideboard cards do, use them appropriately. If you see Ravnica Bounce lands, bring in Molten Rain; if you see COP:Red bring in Flaring Pain... use your brains! ;-)If you bring in Martyr, keep cards in hand to be able to activate it if you draw it later. Dont prolong your clock but only play out what is necessary.

Affinity: +3 Smash, +3 Molten Rain; -3 Needle Drop, -2 Forked Bolt, -1 Flame RiftBoard in Molten Rain if they have a wonky mana base. Prism is a fine target for Smash if the boardstate is appropriate.

Bogles: +2 Martyr; -2 Searing Blaze

Delver: +4 Pyroblast, -3 Needle Drop, -1 Flame Rift

Delver Fiend: +4 Pyroblast; -3 Needle Drop, -1 Forked BoltUse Blasts to destroy Delver and Cyclops and to counter spells that hinder you from killing their threats.

Esper Familiars: +4 Pyroblast, +3 Molten Rain; -2 Forked Bolt, -2 Incinerate, -3 Needle DropWatch out for Prismatic Strands and counters out of their SB and Flicker in response to Molten Rain.

MBC: +2 Martyr of Ashes, -2 Forked Bolt

Metalcraft R/W/U Kuldotha: +3 Smash to Smithereens; -2 Forked Bolt, -1 Needle DropPlease adapt Sideboarding, as these decks can look very different! Electrickery isnt usually worth it, if you see Squadron Hawk, Battle Screech and similar, bring it in.

Stompy: +2 Martyr of Ashes, +1 Electrickery; -3 Needle DropNote that you can activate Martyr again if opponent has an answer to first activation (similar to Crypt Rats)

UB Teachings: +4 Pyroblast, +3 Molten Rain; -2 Forked Bolt, -4 Searing Blaze, -1 Needle Drop

Tron: +3 Molten Rain; -2 Forked Bolt, -1 Needle Drop

Turbofog: +2 Flaring Pain, +4 Pyroblast; -4 Searing Blaze, -2 Needle Drop


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