The Rock deck for Jund. Have some ideas that are in my maybe board for my SB but not sure how or if I should fit them in, any advice or suggestions?


Played this at my legacy event last night and ran into Blood Moon in 3 of four rounds. I had difficulty getting past it as one opponent played it turn 1. He was on a Painter Servant deck. Against this opponent I went 1-2. Because of the difficulties I have with Blood Moon in my meta I am wondering if Prismatic Omen would be worth trying as a sideboard card for match ups in which I encounter Blood Moon. Any suggestions are appreciated as well. Overall I went 1-3 at the event, though I conceded to Miracles the last round because the first match took 42 minutes and going 2-2 would not have left me going home with anything anyway. Additionally, I was confident I could have won round two as I was borrowing a 3rd Chains of Mephistopheles because it nearly shuts them down if I get it down quick, and the effect stacks so it would have really worked wonders if I get two down. Sadly game one I never saw one, which most likely would have tilted the game in my favor considerably.

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Kaitoghost says... #4

This looks very similar to the Punishing Jund list I ran a year ago. Only thing I'd say is you need more Hymn to Tourach. It's the best discard spell in MTG.


December 5, 2014 3:33 p.m.

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