I just want to thank everyone for getting my deck to #6 today 8/30/18! I am so happy everyone enjoyed the build and I hope it has inspired you to build your own Wizard deck. Again, thank you to all of you wonderful Planeswalkers out there!

Hello Fellow Planeswalkers! I have retired my deck Izzet Prowess Battle Rage, but most of the cards within it have found a new home in my latest deck! In all honestly, this deck is quite similar to my old prowess deck since it runs a good chunk of Prowess creatures. Plus, Adeliz, the Cinder Wind gives our Wizards (INCLUDING HERSELF!) a buff that is very similar to Prowess. Prepare for 12-Bolt Wizards, the new and improved version!

We are running quite the aggressive set of Wizards here that synergize really well with Adeliz, the Cinder Wind

  • Ghitu Lavarunner is surprisingly easy to make into a 2/2 with haste.
  • Grim Lavamancer is a singleton Wizard that can help close out games.
  • Soul-Scar Mage fits the Wizard bill and can make burning creatures with spells really problematic for our foes.
  • Stormchaser Mage appears yet again! Simply a great creature for our deck. Flying, Haste, Prowess AND is a Wizard.
  • Delver of Secrets  Flip appears again as well. This card is just good and strong to use and is a Wizard before it transforms. Plus a 3/2 flyer in the early game is too good to pass up.
  • Nimble Obstructionist is a singleton I have decided to run for it's versatility. Being able to counter activated or triggered abilities while drawing a card is useful, but it is also a 3/1 flying Wizard with flash if needed as a defender.
  • Finally, Adeliz, the Cinder Wind herself comes in as a Hasty Wizard that hits in the air. Plus, she really can do some work while other Wizards are on the board.

Our Wizards need a good book of spells to be able to bolt our foes! Here is our spellbook!

Pyromancer Ascension is actually an amazing card in our deck! We run multiples of our damage and cantrips and can easily get this up and running! When we do have it up, we can quickly close out games by cantripping into gas or doubling our bolt potential!

This has been a rundown of our 12-Bolt Wizards. Bring our Wizards and Delvers early on to dominate the board, get Adeliz down and Bolt their faces all while the surge of energy makes our Wizards stronger for our finish! If you enjoyed this deck, drop a like! If you have any questions or suggestions, drop a comment below!

If you want to make a budget 12-Bolt Wizards, you can find that list for $94 here: Budget Bolt Wizards




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