So playing a tribal deck means you have to focus on one creature type. But if you make a changeling deck, and play all tribal support where every creature triggers, that means you can have the best tribal effects from any tribe! So this is a Tribal Tribal Deck!

When telling people about it, you can start telling them important cards and watch their confusion. Najeela, silumgar, naban, tazri, unesh AND yarok working together? Like a reality tv show waiting to happen.

There were a lot of cards that didn't make the cut, because there are too many directions the deck was being pulled in. So tried to go all in ETB, and took out a lot of good value stuff like captivating vampire. The deck doesn't usually get a ton of changelings on the field till it goes off so, powerful stuff needs to be able to do alot

So lets say you have Naban, Dean of Iteration and the Reaper King out. You play Avian Changeling. Its a scarecrow, so you trigger Reaper King. But its ALSO a wizard, and a wizard entering the battlefield did cause an ability to trigger, so Naban puts 2 trigger on the stack. That, is amazing

Side note: the mana base and some cards were actually made because of budget restrictions, but i do really appreciate the suggestions. It took a long time to get it where it is, and was having a hard time finding all the good interactions, so thank you

If you're building a deck like this also note, it's really customizable. Mine is an etb but you could easily gear it to just slamming every lord


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