Flood with zombies and drain opponents with Scarab God's ability, scry to find combo pieces, gas, and MORE ZOMBIES. Utilize Rooftop Storm and graveyard abilities to be able to cast/recast zombies for free.

Includes janky combo of Mindcrank, Sanguine Bond, and a charged up Bloodchief Ascension. Deal damage, opponent discards due to Mindcrank. Ascension hits them for 2 damage per card, and gives you 2 life. When you gain that 2 life (per card), Sanguine Bond lets you hit opponents, which triggers Mindcrank again. This can start during upkeep with Scarab God upkeep trigger, so no combat is actually necessary.

Rooftop Storm allows for free Zombie casts, so you can abuse that with Havengul Lich's ability to cast from the graveyard with 1 colorless mana. If you have something that has a good ETB effect, you can cast, sac it to Ashnod's, cast for 1, repeat. Sidisi is fun to tutor for the combo pieces and cards you need by exploiting himself then coming right back for 1 to do it again.

After first playtest, I found myself playing fairly passively, trying to rely on Scarab God to drain opponents steadily. I had anticipated attacking much more but ended up playing a fairly defensive game, trying to assemble some pieces to grind down opponents, fill their graveyards, and look for targets for Scarab God's mana ability.

Still looking for feedback on the deck list and strategies, it's nowhere close to perfect, but is really fun to play at the moment.


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