I have constructed a Standard budget cat tribal deck for casual use with friends and at FNM. Tier 1 decks aren't really my thing, I enjoy busting out something that makes my opponents laugh, and decks that have a ton of synergy at the heart, such as my Hapatra deck found here.

Also, cats are dope in Magic.

Let's dig in to the deck!

Our kitties will come first, starting out with 4x Adorned Pouncer. New addition with HOU, such a dope card. 1/1 with double strike is always fun, but his ability to eternalize into a 4/4 with double strike, effectively an 8/8, is definitely a huge upgrade. Plus, look at that fucking tail.

Sliding in next we have Sacred Cat, a criminally underplayed budget card. Not much to look at at first, just a 1/1 with lifelink. Pump this fucker up and he creates an issue. In Limited I love to play Sacred Cat with Cartouche of Solidarity or a similar white spell that grants flying, etc. Gryff's Boon almost made the deck specifically for this reason. Sacred Cat will gain you a respectable amount of health if he goes unblocked and non-removed. Add in some lords that we have coming up, and he can deal some heavy damage to your opponent. Plus, he comes back! Embalm is fantastic and your opponent will usually forget that you have that ability.

Moving on down the list, we have Prowling Serpopard, another underplayed card. 3CMC 4/3 is good to have, add in the effect that he nor the rest of your creatures can be countered will piss off your opponent if they're playing counter magic. If not, he's still a 3CMC 4/3 which will get very big with the amount of +1/+1 counters we will get from our artifacts and enchantments. I would usually sideboard Prowling Seropard in most of my decks anyways, because his ability is really that good against control decks.

Our first lord and token god of Amonkhet, the radiant Regal Caracal. By far the highest CMC on our curve with 5, Regal Caracal combo'd with Anointed Procession will seriously create a shit ton of cats. You'll get 4 cats for him just entering the battlefield, which is already insane. Especially since they're coming in as 2/2's thanks to his other ability, giving other cats +1/+1 and Lifelink. Regal Caracal's posse will be big as fuck, as the card art depicts.

And finally we have fucking Mufasa himself, Pride Sovereign. This card is a bad motherfucker. The bigger the clique you have, the stronger Pride Sovereign is as he gets a +1/+1 for each cat on the battlefield. Drop this fucker and then a Regal Caracal with Anointed Procession down? Already a 7/7. Not to mention we'll have a shit ton of cats on the battlefield anyways as our entire creature base is cats. He is literally Lion-O from Thundercats.

Let's move on to our non-creature spells!

Starting out with our artifacts, we're going to play Oketra's Monument and Stoneforge Masterwork. Oketra's Monument should perform very well in this deck as it will create tokens for every creature we cast, as well as reducing all of our white creature spells by 1. Adorned Pouncer as a 1 drop? Regal Caracal as a 4 drop? Hell yeah. Paired with Anointed Procession our tokens will get out of hand pretty quick.


We also have some enchantments that will wreck face if given the opportunity, starting with Gryff's Boon. It gives one of our creatures flying and can returned from the graveyard to give another creature flying. Pride Sovereign or any of our cats when given Lifelink in combination with this card is deadly.

We also run one of the most important cards in our deck and our most expensive one at a whopping $5, Anointed Procession. This bitch doubles all of our tokens, and we generate a lot of tokens. We'll have so many tokens we won't know what to fucking do with all of them.

That's it, right? No more?


Appeal / Authority

WHAT. So even though Pride Sovereign is a 7/7 with lifelink because we have a shit ton of cats on the board, now he's a 12/12 with trample? And I can cast Authority to tap two of your blockers? FUCK.

Land base is pretty generic, but we'll run a play set of Fortified Village and Canopy Vista. Two copies of Scattered Groves for some extra dual lands and cyclers if we don't need any more land, and 8x Plains alongside 5x Forests rounds out our land base.

Side board is pretty generic for artifact and enchantment hate, as well as some weird ones like Authority to the Consuls to prevent any decks with haste and so our opponent can't block the turn they drop shit if they're playing a similar aggro deck. It can really make a huge difference on the outcome of the game and is pretty underplayed. Immolating Glare is there for some spot removal of big threats, as well as Stasis Snare as it's a lower CMC version of Cast Out and it's cheap. Gideon's Intervention removes a playset of a bomb our opponent has. My friend used this against my Glorybringer once and I was pretty sad. Also the main sideboard dime piece is Heroic Intervention if our opponent is playing annoying shit like Sweltering Suns or Yahenni's Expertise. Even Fumigate and Dusk / Dawn get fucked by this. Our creatures will stay around forever.


So, some cards I'd like to test out with this combination are Second Harvest, Oath of Ajani, Gryff's Boon, Cartouche of Solidarity, Lantern Scout , Felidar Sovereign, Throne of the God-Pharaoh and Overcome .

Second Harvest doubles our tokens. 'Nuff said.

Oath of Ajani is just another way to put +1/+1 counters on for cheap. I may replace Always Watching with this for a super budget version of this deck. Budget is always good.

Cartouche of Solidarity creates a token, gives a creature double strike. Pride Sovereign once again could benefit greatly from this.

Lantern Scout can give our cats lifelink for a turn earlier than Regal Caracal can. If we're in a pinch and need life, or our opponent doesn't have any blockers, we can drop Lantern Scout and gain a decent amount of life.

Felidar Sovereign is obviously a card that can see place in a lot of cat decks. Getting up to 40 life is going to be a challenge, and usually by the time we can get up to 40 life, our opponent is already dead unless they gaining life as well. There are some cards like Life Goes On and Renewed Faith which can combo very well with Felidar Sovereign.

Throne of the God-Pharaoh can really fuck our opponent up as well, as it deals a damage for each tapped creature we control. So, this doesn't work very well with Always Watching in terms of our main creatures, but Always Watching doesn't affect our tokens and if we swing with both our tokens will become tapped and deal damage to our opponent equal to the amount of tapped creatures we have. That's nuts.

Finally, we have Overcome . All of our creatures get +2/+2 and trample. This is a major win-con for any token deck, so this may see some place in the end but I am not sure what I would remove at the moment.


Okay friends, let's upgrade the deck a bit. First off, add in a playset of Metallic Mimic. It's a pseudo-cat lord and does the job fine in all tribal decks. You can also add in 2x Westvale Abbey  Flip. Sac some cats, get a 9/7 flying, indestructible, lifelink, and haste evil demon motherfucker. How bad ass is that? Sideboard you can run Declaration in Stone as that's always dope. Add in another Anointed Procession and remove what you'd like to. Most notably you can run Gideon, Ally of Zendikar which a play set of him is pretty much the same cost of the deck in itself. You can have some cats flying vehicles if you add in Heart of Kiran, that's always fun.


Crested Sunmare has recently come to my attention. While obviously not being a cat, Sunmare would be a perfect fit to our deck late game. He is the same CMC as Regal Caracal so this causes a quandary for me as adding having eight creature cards with a CMC of 5 is a weird fucking curve. Sunmare would be dope in this deck though as each time we gain life, we gain a crazy ass 5/5 indestructible horse. As lifelink is VERY common in this deck, Sunmare would be fucking sick. I may remove 4x Prowling Serpopard in favor of 4x Metallic Mimic and also remove 4x Stoneforge Masterwork in favor of 4x Crested Sunmare. Or I may just run a 2/2 split for Sunmare and something else.


I have gone ahead and removed Stoneforge Mastework from the deck as it doesn't work as well as I would have liked and I have replaced it with a play set of Metallic Mimic for the time being as that is the best card we can have in that spot. I would like to replace it with Crested Sunmare at some point in time but that I will have to test it much more before making it official. I have also replaced 1x Appeal / Authority with one more Anointed Procession.

And there you have it, the fucking Thundercats are hardcore and always have been. They don't fuck around and the synergy is real. If left uncontrolled, your opponent will be facing a shit storm of cats and lions and fucking cat snakes. WE HAVE A CAT SNAKE. HOW DOPE IS THAT.

Hopefully ya'll liked the deck and the description made ya'll laugh. Everyone needs a little laughter in their life every day. If you smiled or laughed, I did my job!


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