I had originally made this deck for fun and for Hour of Devastation Standard, but now that tribes are in, so are our cats!

Tribal strategies are always fun, especially when there are actual tribal payoffs in the current Standard rotation. However, we're not playing pirates or merfolk, we are playing motherfucking kittens! This deck is fun, a little janky because no one is going to expect this shit, and very underrated in all honesty. Shit, it does better than Pirates do half of the time.

Also, cats are dope in Magic.

Let's dig in to the deck!

Firstly, we have Sacred Cat because he's a sacred fucking cat. While it may seem underwhelming as it's only a 1/1 with lifelink, he can get quite big late game for a 1 drop, and he can also be embalmed when you need him to come back from the yard. Pretty solid card for a 1 drop, plus, he's a SACRED CAT.

Adorned Pouncer slides in the two-drop spot and it's a savage ass card. 1/1 with double strike, who cares, right? Well, combine this with Regal Caracal and he's a 2/2 lifelinker with doublestrike. He can also be eternalized, much like Sacred Cat, but he comes back as a 4/4 rather than a 1/1. At that point, shit hits the fan and your opponent is pretty fucked.

Metallic Mimic is an okay card but he does pump up our kittens and can be very useful in adding to our lifelinkers, Ghalta, Primal Hunger, and is just a good piece of tribal synergy. He's also a magnet for removal from our opponent, and I'd rather have them drop a fatal push on him than on Pride Sovereign later.

Moving on down the list, we have Prowling Serpopard, another underplayed card. 3CMC 4/3 is good to have, add in the effect that he nor the rest of your creatures can be countered will piss off your opponent if they're playing counter magic. If not, he's still a 3CMC 4/3 which will get very big with the amount of +1/+1 counters we will get from our artifacts and enchantments. I would usually sideboard Prowling Seropard in most of my decks anyways, because his ability is really that good against control decks.

Our first lord and token god of Amonkhet, the radiant Regal Caracal. He creates a huge board all by himself and really contributes greatly to the new City's Blessing mechanic from Rivals of Ixalan, which we will definitely take advantage of. Not to mention he's a cat lord that not only pumps up our cats but also gives them lifelink. One hell of a card and definitely a 4-of in all cat decks.

We also have Mufasa himself, the one and only Pride Sovereign. Sovereign gets really big in this deck and if we don't need to attack and are on the defensive, we can exert him to make tokens and he only gets bigger with each cat that we have. Aside from pumping himself up, he also helps us bring out the only card we play in the main board that isn't a cat...

Ghalta, Primal Hunger. Come on, we can't not play this fucking card, right? A 12/12 with Trample that costs less depending on the total power of creatures we have on the battlefield. Most of our creatures are either big by themself, or they contribute to putting out tokens or pumping up each other, so Ghalta is one hell of a finisher here. Trample is also ridiculous and will win you games.

We do have some non-creature spells as well, so let's get on in to those bad boys.


Radiant Destiny is our best tribal pay-off for cats, and it's a hell of a card for us as well. All of our cats get +1/+1 from this, +1/+1 from Caracal, and a pseudo +1/+1 from Mimic. Our kitties get big, and with lifelink, we'll be set on life for quite some time. It also has Ascend, and gives our creatures vigilance which will be insane considering almost everything has lifelink, so we're good on offense and defense. Asecnd is super easy to get in this deck with all of our token generators, low CMC creatures, and enchantments.

Blossoming Defense is almost a must against most decks because they play such a high amount of removal in Standard right now. It also can act as a combat trick or as a way to get lethal across in certain situations.

Baffling End is our only removal spell in the main board as we're not really a deck that can play a ton of removal being in G/W colors. We are playing Baffling End over Cast Out because we need to stabilize early and this definitely helps us with that, as it'll help us clear the board earlier to make sure our little cats get in for damage. In addition, we have a pretty high curve so this spell at 2CMC helps us greatly with that.

Land is generic, some plains, forests, Sunpetal Grove, Shefet Dunes for the pump, and Scattered Groves to help with Sunpetal Grove and also to cycle if need be.


We're pretty much playing a bunch of hate here. Naturalize, Forsake the Worldly, and Fragmentize take care of artifacts and enchantments. Crook of Condemnation for graveyard hate. Authority of the Consuls for aggressive decks. Ixalan's Binding for anything we don't want cast ever again. Heroic Intervention for sweepers in the format.

And there you have it, the fucking Thundercats are hardcore and always have been. They don't mess around and the synergy is real. If left uncontrolled, your opponent will be facing a shit storm of cats and lions and fucking cat snakes. WE HAVE A CAT SNAKE. HOW DOPE IS THAT.

Hopefully ya'll liked the deck and the description made ya'll laugh. Everyone needs a little laughter in their life every day. If you smiled or laughed, I did my job!


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