This is a modern 8 rack deck. I have had the most fun so far playing this deck over the past few years. The idea of the deck is simple. Get all the cards out of your opponents hand, than punish them for it. The win conditions of the deck are 4 copies of a shrieking affliction, and 4 copies of the rack. These cards hurt your opponent for not having enough cards in had at the beginning of their upkeep. Yes I am running 4 copies of ravenous rats main board, and before anyone thinks bad of it. First it discards a card and second is a nice chumpblock at times. I didn't want to run mutavault because if it's destroyed than I am down a land. Having 20 basic swamps in the deck is pretty straight forward and in terms of modern land bases is extremely cheep. You could run the mutivault/urborg combo of land but I run nice and easy swamps. The discards spells at pretty straight forward to. With 5 full play sets of various discards spells it won't take your opponent very long to figure out what your up to but as I have seen time and time again, there isn't much they can to about it at the time.we have 4 copies of distress, horrifying revelation,ravens crime , thoughtseize,and wrench mind. After all this your opponent just hopes that the topdeck God's treat them well. In terms of our removal package I am running 4 copies of smallpox. We can ad in cards like dismember out of the sideboard if they keep getting threats on the board. Than there is what I consider to be the jewel for this deck 4 copies of lilianna of the veil. I will honestly say this is the best card in the deck. She discards, she removes a creature, and she can wipe out half of your opponents perminents if you get her loyalty high enough. She is an all-star. If anyone tells you not to run Lilly and you have black sources in your deck ignore them.

Let's talk sideboard a bit. In our board we have 2 asylum visitors which can generate even more card advantage. We have 2 bojuka bog and 2 leyline of the void that take care of graveyard based decks. I put added removal in with 3 dismember and 3 bontu's last reckoning. Last but not least 3 waste not for a multi-tasking spell that does something with every discard from your opponent. This sideboard is good but is subject to change based on your local meta game. So please keep that in mind before commenting.

Like I said at the beginning this deck is a blast to play. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


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