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You're a dragon, you're a dragon, you're a dragon.

Standard* Combo


ORIGINS RELEASE:Not much here to add to the deck, not that i've seen. Willbreaker is pretty fun though! steal their dudes , they die, you get the dragons (which should have haste! AND etb triggers!) but 5 mana and double blue is a little rough. Still fun though!

izzet dragons mono red splash blue for Battlefield Thaumaturge reducing Descent of the Dragons to RR in perfect plays

t1: scry

t2: thaumatage

t3: hordeling outburst

t4: dragon tempest, then death of the dragons for RR = 16 damage on enter, 4 4/4 hasty dragons to swing with.

All the other cards are intended to go through the deck to dig out the combo pieces and some are to keep them there.

Scrying off magma jet is why i have it over lightning strike, to get the combo pieces quicker.

10 on 2015-03-19! Thanks guys!

9 on 2015-03-20!!

5 on 2015-03-21!!!

2 on 2015-03-23~~

1 on 2015-03-23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Updates Add

Clearing out all the old constructive comments to make room for new development, now that Dragons of Tarkir is now (almost) Legal to play!

Mainboard mostly done, playtesting needed to determine Negate mainboard ratio and Stoke the Flames relevance.

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