Since C16 brought us the magnificent and affordable Rebecca basic lands, I decided to pay tribute to my favorite Magic and Fantasy artist of all time with a deck. This deck was made for casual fun play and should be viewed as such. The deck have an anti-blue, fog effects and enchantress subtheme. Guidelines for construction of the deck were:

  • Chosen General is Asmira, Holy Avenger that gives the GW color identity just enough cards to make the deck possible.

  • All cards must have Rebecca Guay Art, so no fetch, shock, guild, only Plains and Forest from c16 as manabase.

  • Cards that were printed only as promo with rebecca guay art also count but the promo version must be used(E.g Path to Exile and Serra Angel).

  • Printings with old card frames were prefered if there's the possibility (E.g Auramancer vs Auramancer ). I think the old frame combines more with her art, although all cards are beautiful.

I Will playtest soon and will keep this post updated with eventual tweeks.

Any sugestions are welcome, just be aware of the Guidelines (No Bitterblossom :( ).

Fun Fact Wood Elves Have 2 Printings with different Rebecca Guay Art! So I'm putting the other version in the maybeboard but I want to see if my playgroup is OK with me using the 2 versions :D

-P.S. Brewing this deck made me love Rebecca Guay and her art even more. You can visit more of her incredible work at


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Moved Hush and Resuscitate to the maybeboard and added 2 forests


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