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Ajani's pridemate: good two drop gets bolstered with life gain

fiendslayer paladin: good three drop life link

martyr of sands: one of the main cards to get a early win works toward the win condition of felidar sovereign

serra ascendant: can be a 6/6 flying life link by turn 2 with help from martyr of sands

thalia heretic cathar: she & ghostly prison compliments each other makes opponent life hell

felidar sovereign: descent card life link but the 40+ life for the win is what we want outta her

ghostly prison: its great white card seeing it in a lot of decks speaks for itself good against tokens

pacifism: doesn't matter if its a 11/11 cant attack or block

blessed reversal: this card is great against tokens 3/3 and under besides that is helps toward the win condition

mana leak: control

rune snag: control

alright so far the best hand I got is 2xplains1xmartyr of sands2x serra ascendant 1x blessed reversal 1x fiend slayer paladin

1st drop: plains tap for martyr of sands

2nd drop: 2nd plains tap one sac martyr for 12 life tap second plains for serra ascendant 6/6 flying life link

3rd drop: drop second serra ascendant swing with first one too 38 drop another land

4th drop: either a thalia or paldin

5th drop: just prevent whatever they got going on

6th drop: felidar for the win


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