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1 Land SPY Combo (without Anarchists)

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4/1/2016 - Recent Edit based on my MTGO hacking. My verdict is that this is the best build. Maindeck Disciple of the Vault win con is life loss, not damage, so it gets around COP: Red. It is also infinite, so it can beat life gain. Finally, the Blood Celebrant / Salvage Scout combo uses less total life to get to the kill than Gary / Cavern Harpy. Both are weak to instant speed removal, while the Haunting Hymn kill is not; hence this must be included as a SB optional wincon.

Here's a sample MD win:

Here's what you board into, if you don't put them on lifegain or they have instant speed removal:

Deck mashed up. Will be editing with more information soon. Not sure which way I want to with it yet. Basic combo described here:

No Anarchists Seems Better

Started here since I think this is better than Anarchist, since I'm questioning the Elvish Aberration plan B.

From my gold fishing, you are going to have a way to make W. I will have to do more math to determine which actually makes it easier to go off.

The trade off is not 1 to 1 so offhand, it seems better because the total 2W investment to get back ANY card you need to go off vs. the 4R on Anarchist for a sorcery only.

The other part is that playing Blood Celebrant maindeck opens a slot for another Pyroblast/Ingot Chewer. On the other hand, we remove the forest cycler, so better draw Land Grant . I'm not convinced the percentages favor the need for the extra forest seek. If the cards Land Grant or other forest cyclers did anything in multiples, then perhaps I would say go that way?

_If I wanted to keep the forest cycler, what do I cut if not play Anarchist MD? _

Correct SB Plan I think

Spy with SB Plan - Awesome Writeup I like this version. Lacks Gray Merchant of Asphodel in the SB trick. I'd rather that than the pure mill strategy. This is with respect to MTGO play; not sure you would want to change it, since Gary replaces Gnaw to the Bone there.







reddit - CaptainCookieCrisp

MTGSalvation has a very nice forum discussing the deck and giving a playing guide.BIG QUESTION: Is there anything to be done against burn? Right now Plan A is to dodge it ;)


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