A friend has a selection of decks that he made with the restriction that the commander must be under $5 and that every other card in the deck must be under $1. Here is my first deck following these restrictions. It is a blue land shenanigan deck with the intention of playing with lands entering and leaving the battlefield.

Due to the restriction, it was challenging to follow the traditional route of Patron decks as Amulet of Vigor and all but 1 mana doubler were well above the $1 mark. At the moment, I do not have any way of going infinite as far as mana is concerned. If you know of a way, please comment below.

As always, card suggestions are always welcome and if you have comments/questions, leave them below.

Note: The card pricing was found using multiple sites. I counted the card as playable if I found it for less then 1 dollar even if other sites had it for more.


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