Paper Pauper Grixis Reanimator Beatdown
+ Faithless Looting + Exhume = Lightning Shrieker

Cheat 5/5s into play with discard effects and Exhume . Not 4/4s, or 5/4s, or 6/6s. 5/5s.

  1. Begin the game by getting your mana straight. Play Evolving Wilds or Grixis Panorama early and use them ASAP so things will flow smoother for you later on.
  2. Also try to get Rupture Spire out early for the same reason (but not on your first turn).
  3. You want as much and as you can get early on so you can cast Faithless Looting , Careful Study and Thought Scour and Taigam's Scheming without complications.
  4. Get your beaters ( Gurmag Angler , Striped Riverwinder , Lightning Shrieker , Kozilek's Pathfinder ) into the graveyard as soon as you can. Think of your graveyard as "Storage," rather than a place full of lost stuff.
  5. The main goal of the deck is to cast Exhume and return something bigger than your opponent right to the battlefield.
  6. A couple Tormod's Crypt s in the mainboard, and a couple more in the sideboard, help ensure you get the most out of this card--and the opponent doesn't.
  7. Otherwise, use Raise Dead or Mortuary Mire to get your stuff back out of storage when you've got enough mana for it.
  8. Crumbling Vestige not only serves as immediate mana-fixing, but--alongside Grixis Panorama and a single Wastes --provides , which is needed to activate Kozilek's Pathfinder 's ability.
  9. When Delving for Gurmag Angler , _never_ exile a creature from your graveyard. They can be gotten back, everything else cannot.
  10. Lastly, protect yourself and your stuff with a few Mana Leak s.

Thanks for checking out my deck, and if you like pauper, check out my collection of over 30 Paper Pauper decks here, at The Pauper Project.

Also, check out my profile, where you'll find some articles on Pauper, a collection of user-made resources for ALL FORMATS, and... songs. =D


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