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1, 2, 3, 7. That's how the Firemind counts.




Instant (2)

Sorcery (1)


Trying to make as much use of Firemind's Foresight and cheap cheap cheap and nasty little combos to pump out damage. Epic Experimenting for 7 with a Nivmagus makes for a nasty swing with plenty of extra burn thrown in too, throw a Runechanter's Pike in the mix and an Invisible Stalker may very well be able to take them down that turn. Not really sure what to put in the sideboard so help with that would be greatly appreciated. I just threw in what I thought would at least give me more options game 2 but until I test it at my LGS it's really just cards to fill it up



zandl says... #1

... Sulfur Falls > Izzet Guildgate ?

Izzet Keyrune isn't that great at all. And with only 2, you aren't really going to be ramping much with it. I'd just remove it for more burn. Searing Spear , despite being a Lightning Bolt that costs twice as much, is really good right now as most threats can be killed by it.

December 25, 2012 1 a.m.

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