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Legacy Budget Casual Mono-Green Ramp Tribal



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Please read before suggesting cards:

This deck is intended for Tribal Wars; a casual MTGO format in which at least a third of your deck must be creatures that share a single creature type. There are no sideboards.

I'm also on a very tight budget so the cheaper the better; anything above 1 MTGO ticket per card is too much unless it would have a big impact as a singleton in the deck and/or it would be useful in several of my decks.

Thanks for checking out my deck and I greatly appreciate suggestions and +1s.

Big dumb ramp of the Hydra variety; uses the synergy of land-untapping mana dorks + land enchantments and/or the synergy of Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary + Forests to generate a Herculean amount of mana and turbo out the multi-headed monsters. Also includes a Green Sun's Zenith package to serve as flexible tutor, finding mana dorks or Dryad Arbor in the early game and Hydras later on.

The deck is intentionally 62 cards as, due to rounding, it allows for a slightly higher ratio of non-tribe cards.

Polukranos, World Eater - With a floor of being a 4 mana 5/5 and a ceiling of being a gigantic monster with one-sided board wipe strapped to it, this guy is great when I'm struggling to generate lots of mana and even better when I'm not. Plus, you have to take any kind of interaction you can find when playing mono-.

Kalonian Hydra - Doubling effects are always fun! Also, trample on a creature that grows bigger and bigger is great! The only problem with the card is that it's a 5 mana 4/4 on defence, which is profoundly underwhelming when I'm being pressured by aggro.

Hydra Broodmaster - Easily the Hydra with the highest power-ceiling; creating X X/Xs is the nuts when you're generating a ton of mana. That being said, it does require a ton of mana to be great and at 6CMC it runs the risk of getting trapped, uncastable, in my hand if my mana acceleration synergies don't come together or get disrupted.

Mistcutter Hydra - The uncounterable, pro-blue abilities aren't often relevant but a variable size, hasty Hydra is good enough in its own right and when the anti- clauses are relevant, they tend to be incredibly relevant.

Hooded Hydra - A Hydra whose power sticks around after it dies is very useful, especially in the form of multiple tokens to block aggressive opponents and overwhelm defensive ones, and the morph ability, while far from efficient overall, does allow me to get some traction when I'm not able to produce the obscene amounts of mana that I want.

Primordial Hydra - A self-growing body with trample provides inevitability that the deck desperately needs and it fits comfortably anywhere in the curve.

If you'd like more giant, dumb, green creatures with long, thin, snaky parts, I've got Wurms for you:

Shai-Hulud, the Old Man of the Desert

Legacy Lame_Duck


For more counter shenanigans, except smaller and subtler, check out my Fungus deck:


Legacy Lame_Duck



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